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Exploring the Surge of Allergies

The prevalence of allergies is on the rise, impacting various facets of society, including dentistry. While there are numerous theories behind this phenomenon, it's evident that more individuals today exhibit allergic reactions to commonly used substances compared to the past.

Decoding Allergic Reactions

Within the medical context, an allergic reaction holds specific significance. However, in everyday conversations, the term "allergy" can range from a dislike for a scent to a severe hospitalization-inducing incident. In medical terms, an allergic reaction involves an inflammatory response to an otherwise harmless substance. Symptoms may encompass localized swelling, redness, hives, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itching, and sinusitis. In severe cases, these reactions can obstruct airways, leading to breathing difficulties. When patients mention allergies, Dr. Monica Lau at ABC Dental Care undertakes a comprehensive evaluation, given the potential risks associated with true allergies.

Validating Allergies for Safety

Authentic allergies pose a genuine threat, prompting dentists to exercise caution. Consequently, if a patient indicates a potential allergy, Dr. Monica Lau will avoid using the allergen to prevent any hazardous reactions. To validate allergies, medical doctors conduct specialized tests. It's intriguing how often patients presume allergies to fundamental dental materials without proper medical validation. For instance, approximately 10% of Canadians are allergic to Penicillin. This allergy affects dental treatment options, influencing antibiotic choices and treatment outcomes. If an allergy is suspected, verifying its authenticity is essential.

Optimum Dental Care and Allergies

Metals also pose allergy concerns. Patients may claim metal allergies, affecting crown choices. For posterior crowns, all-metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal options offer optimal strength. If a true metal allergy exists, an alternative, less robust option is required. Unfortunately, this can compromise durability and incur additional costs. Consulting Dr. Monica Lau is essential when navigating allergies to ensure appropriate choices.

Confirm Your Allergies for Informed Decisions

When allergies are suspected, medical confirmation is vital. Don't hesitate to inquire about allergy testing or verification from a medical professional. Optimize your dental care by seeking accurate allergy information.

Contact ABC Dental Care Today for Informed Dental Consultation

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